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Nov 29, 2012 9:30am PST
gun. >> i'm bob and i'm here today to tell you about my new revolutionary product called bandit guns. a rubber band gun called a shotgun. >> that's a rubber band gun? >> the first multi-action rubber band shotgun. >> the first mode of firing is a single shot. pump and shoot. the second way is called rapid fire, pump the trigger back and pump as fast as you can. the third way to shoot is the shotgun blast. put all the rubber bands at the top and shoot them all at once. ready? fire. a second version of the shotgun, this one is a mini version, the thing that's different, it doesn't have a trigger, it still has a shotgun feature, does a single action or rapid fire also. >> this is a kick starter project. you can donate a dollar to $300 and what you get in return, i think that's pretty cool. >> get one for us for christmas, cover your pabases, don't worry about it. >> a great gift. >> i have a feeling i will be getting the rubber bands in the back of the head. >>> down here in this box is using chat roulette. he calls himself perhaps the world's most erect mind reader. you may have seen h
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
restaurant consultant bob goldin of technomic. darden shares were down 10% yesterday. the founder of software company autonomy is on the defense. this week, autonomy founder mike lynch launched a website addressing allegations of accounting fraud by hewlett- packard. hewllet recently accused autonomy executives of inflating revenues prior to hp aqcuring the company last year. a statement on the website reads "the former management team of autonomy strongly rejects the accusations made by h-p." general motors is putting the brakes on the production of some cars and trucks. according to the wall street journal, the automaker has an overload of unsold cars and trucks. over the holidays, gm plans a 3-week shutdown at its lordstown, ohio, plant, where the chevy cruze is built. shutdowns may happen at another factory as well. meanwhile, ford is increasing production by 11% next year. disney fans will soon have new choices to add to their netflix queue. disney plans to sell the rights to some of its new movies to netflix. starting next year, netflix users will be able to watch disney releas
Nov 29, 2012 10:00pm PST
burbank's bob hope airport is cancelled tonight. the lights for one of two runways went dark. arriving flights have not been affected by the outage. those planes are able to land. officials at burbank airport at this point say they have no estimate on when those runway lights will be fixed. >>> fred is in for mark tonight. some basketball to talk about. warriors played at home tonight how did they do? >> an exciting game actually. let's set the table. if golden state could win, they would share first place with the clippers. but nuggets already beat the warriors twice this season. david lee scores 31 points, lee makes 13 of his 15 shots from the field. but it comes down to this. warriors led by one with .3 seconds left. .3 second. nuggets get the ball to iguodala and he makes it. >>> alex smith is throwing 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions since jim harbaugh became the 49ers head coach. yet smith suffered a concussion november 11 and that gave kaepernick the chance to shine. smith is now a back up. safe to say alex won't be harbaugh's caddy at pebble beach. >> you sacrifice and spend
Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
better working conditions for employees. bob bruno, a labor and employment relations professor at the university of illinois at chicago joins us this morning on set. good morning to you bob. > > good morning. > are unions the answer here? > > i think unions can be the answer. they have been historically. but in these particular cases, something truly creative is going on. these workers are really not demanding a union election vote or a collective bargaining agreement. they are talking about raising standards. they are talking about conditions that are poor and trying to put some pressure on these employers to raise those up. > are the conditions that poor? is the working wage that awful? > > this wage is pretty bad. we are talking about very profitable companies, very profitable industries, in most metropolitan areas; and these workers, on average, will bring in roughly around $22,000, $24,000 a year. and for about half these workers, they are the principal breadwinners. that is about $9-something an hour, without benefits. so it's pretty bad. > > here is a statement coming from rob
Dec 5, 2012 7:00am PST
. every year, bob and linda taylor transform their home in vallejo on glencove road into a christmas wonderland. but this year, someone ripped down some of their lights and dragged them in the streets and they were run over. the taylors say the lights can be fixed an santa claus will still come. >>> another example of a grinch on the loose. what happened at a local christmas tree lot run by boy scouts. >>> i'm gonna go ahead and announcement my retirement. >> katt williams calls it quits. the latest incident that prompted that announcement. ?f< did you get chips for the party? nope. cheese plate? cheese plate...nope. i made something better. ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> cloudy to the north, very heavy rain from about san francisco to alameda and oakland. you can see on the peninsula, highway 1 stretching to the east bay,
Dec 3, 2012 12:00pm PST
it should please some north bay residents and merchants. muni is considering bobbing its plan to dig up a section of columbus avenue to remove drilling machines when the project is done. some neighbors were against the idea and filed the lawsuit. muni says they may extend the subway to columbus and powell and remove the machines near the abandoned pagota theater. they are also considering basing fares on income and not stage. supporters of the plan say it's not fair those struggling to pay their bills have to pay $4 for a monthly -- pay $64 for a monthly pass while seniors are only paying $22. the plan was sparked over the debate to provide muni -- free muni passes to low-income commuters. >>> repair work is just getting started today on this sinkhole. we'll tell you how long it might take to rebuild this road. >>> rosemary is back in the pacific. she's watching the latest storm in the pacific. we'll have more on when this may arrive in your neighborhood. >>> and how news leaked out when someone went to the house about the royal family. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with prob
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
, former republican senate leader bob dutton spent almost 6 thousand taxpayer dollars to repair his 2005 chevy tahoe and democratic senator of san le yan droe. >>> bay area animal shelters say they are absolutely overwhelmed with cats and dogs right now, so much so that they're practically giving them away. new at 6:00 live in san jose with a new tactic to fight the overcrowding this christmas season. eric. >> frank, this little guy right here is christopher. he's a three-year-old chi wau wau mix and this shelter had reduced his adoption fee to just $12 because it simply can't keep up with the number of dogs dropped off or abandoned this time of year. >> inside the san jose animal kier center, there's a lot of love for these dogs, but not nearly enough room. >> it was designed to hold 28 dogs for adoption. >> and now. >> now we have over a hun. >> that includes four-year-old doeber man mix kona. >> you'll see on our paperwork she's been here since september 26th. that is a long time for a dog of this size with this type of energy. >> volunteers take her out as much as possible. >> good g
Dec 5, 2012 10:00pm PST
repairs to cars they would soon own again. bob dutten spent almost $6,000 of taxpayer money to repair his chevy tahoe. all in the months before the state sold his suv, which dutten bought back. attempts to reach former senator dutten failed, but he's quoted as saying the car needed work as it approached $100,000. >> reporter: he is not alone, others also spent thousands of dollars to fix their cars. senator artesia had a bill for nearly $2,400 in the weeks approximate before he bought it. assemblyman hall of compton racked up more than $2,400 before the state sold his car, and then he bought it back. critics say california was long overdue ending this program. >> the only state in the country that had this program finally ended the program. >> reporter: it's impossible to know if a lawmaker benefited from last minute repairs, because the repairs could have driven up the price of that car at auction. lawmakers no longer have cars, they are paid per mile. it's an open question whether that is actually saving taxpayers money. >>> at, we have posted the complete list of re
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
along with the jewelry cases. they think the -- hope the thieves get caught. >> make no bobs on getting -- bones on getting what they want much i don't think they care what they have to do to get it. >> and anyone with information is asked to call los gatos police. the store is insured. >>> two families barely escape injury in gilroy in the city's second gang-related shooting in recent days. the suspect first fired in unoccupied car parked in the streets and took aim at the house. a bullet went through two doors and a closet, almost hitting some children almost asleep in their bed. one woman in the home has a four-month-old baby. >> what if something happened to them, something that like if somebody shot at their brother, their sister, their baby. how would they feel? >> the residents say no one in their home has any gang ties. >>> prosecutors announced three santa clara sheriff's deputies were within the law when they shot an armed fugitive accused of a workplace massacre. investigators say sharif almond shot nine co-workers in october of last year. three of the victims ended up dying.
Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
rains just in case. you should be seeing here bob. he is putting up sand bags to protect his home as he does every time the rains come. the city is providing sand bags at the police station and at city hall. he bags up 10 sand bags. it is an opportunity he takes advantage of. this weekend he expects they will help once again. >> well, they are predicting a few days in a row of rain and that is what i am worried about. not just one storm but three in a row. quite a bit of rain. >> if you are in contra costa county it is the sherriff's department that is providing sand bags in a number of locations. >> the city of oakland is providing sand bags and is san francisco and many otheridation san francisco and owny other locations throughout the bay area. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a pile up involving four cars that happened before 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. you can see here one car ended up smashing underneath another one. not clear if it was weather related. one person sustained minor injuries. track the storm and get updates, weather alerts and live traffic updates anytime on www
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
sxheets is anybody safe. >>> by shop bob jackson from gospel church is outraged by the surge in violent crime which has the homicide total at 111. >>> i've said and it say it again. it's out of control and we really need help. >> the shooting police say was sparked by some kind of dispute ended with all four people going to the hospital where they're recovering from their injuries. >> we've seen crime and lie lens really escalating. >>> this morning a robbery left one worker injured after being pisal whipped. a nearby resident express it had thoughts of many of her neighbors. >> i think this is a city wide issue and we all need to get really really worried and krndz and angry about it. >> city council member libby says she's planning to bring in more help. >> first to immediately start preparations for a june police academy that will result in 40 new officers on our streets. seshgsd to hire 21 civilians that will assist the officers. >> council member rebecca cap lan adds the city needs more help from the community. >> if you've witness add krierjs if you have evidence, please call the
Dec 7, 2012 7:00am PST
california, it's on a private beach. now, that carcass is near the home of star like bob dylan and barbra streisand. authorities were hoping to drag it out to see -- sea today but a fire inspector says that won't hurt even at high speed because the carcass is too badly decompose and it's stuck in the mud. >>> a lot of flooding in the philippines. these pictures show it, days after a deadly typhoon hit the phillippines. this is video. crews, well, they pulled several stranded people to safety, including children. rescuers are still having trouble getting to many survivors in some of the hardest hit areas. 400 confirmed dead. hundreds more still missing. >>> we told you about a woman who survived being stranded six days in the snow in the sierra. experts say there are several things you can do to survive something like that. first they say stay in your car and make sure someone can see it. either you have a lot on inside. be sure to carry warm clothes, a blanket and a flash. and if you are in an isolated area, the best idea experts say is to ration food and wait for help. >> the probability
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12